Students' reviews


Vienna English Theatre
Friday, April 22, 2016, CCW Stainach


My review:

The Fame Game


The main characters in this play are Chloe, Davy, the Media woman and the Media man.


The plot is about two young people (Chloe and Davy) who take part in a talent show called “Star Maker”. First Davy sings but the judges aren’t convinced of his performance. He talks Chloe into singing a duet with him and they get into boot camp, a trainings camp for the show. But then only Chloe gets further and further. In the end neither of them wins and they nearly break up because of the show.


I really liked all of the actors because their acting was really nice, they were also kind and funny.


My favourite actor was Chris aka Davy. He did plenty of funny things. And his acting skills were really impressive for me. He brought a kind of movement into the whole story. Most of the funny scenes were due to him.


My favourite part was when Chloe and Davy danced with Tara (the choreographer) because that part was really funny. Chloe danced really professionally but Davy just did it like a jerk.


I really enjoyed watching the play in CCW. I was able to understand everything very well. They also spoke a very pure English without a hard British accent


I think it was good that we read the text before because it was easier to understand the story then. And it was fun reading it in different roles, so we got inspired and were looking forward to watching the play.


I’d love to watch more plays of the Vienna English Theatre. Hopefully they’ll come back to CCW soon.


Martin Peer, 3B


Davy wants to go to the casting for the new talent show `Star Maker`. He tries to persuade Chloe to go with him. First she hesitates but then she says yes. But at the casting the assistant producers say it would be better if Chloe sang together with Davy. After the boot camp Davy isn´t good enough and he has to go, but Chloe is very good and she can stay. She comes top in the public vote. But Davy is envious and so he tells a reporter lies about Chloe. The newspapers write all these lies and so Chloe is out-of-favour and doesn´t win.


I liked the actors because they played very well and they played it emotionally and in a funny way, too. My favourite actress was Chloe, because she was nice and she could sing very, very well. She also played her role perfectly. Chloe was in my favourite part of the play, too. I liked the part in which Chloe sang the different songs in the live shows every Saturday.


The part I didn´t like was the ending.  I would change it because I would like it more if Chloe won and became very famous. I didn´t like that Oliver and Becky, the assistant producers, told lies about Davy and Chloe, either.


I enjoyed watching the play in CCW but it was so hot and stuffy in that room. But all in all it was great. It was a bit difficult to understand because the actors spoke very fast and so it was good to read the text before.


On the other hand we knew the story and the ending and so it wasn´t very exciting anymore.


Nina Lemmerer, 3B



“The Fame Game” is a play about two young people, Chloe and Davy. They go to a talent show called “Star Maker” and sing together, but then Chloe has to go solo. Davy is angry and tells a journalist lies about Chloe so she doesn’t win the competition.


I liked the actors because they were funny and acted convincingly. They were also nice, because after the play they answered our questions. My favourite actress was the one who played Chloe. I think her name was Lucy. She played her role most convincingly, sang very well and is beautiful.


My favourite part of the play was the scene where the singing coach came. Chloe and Davy had to sing scales and Davy sang so badly. Then three pupils from the audience had to come onto the stage and joined in. It was very funny.


I think the ending of the play was good because Davy and Chloe realized that they had hurt each other and forgave each other. But I didn’t like the song in the end.


I enjoyed seeing the play very much although it was shorter than I thought and there were too few seats so I had to sit on the floor. The English of the actors was not difficult to understand because they spoke clearly and it was good that we had read the play in class before.


I think it was the best play we’ve seen in CCW.


Nina Mairhofer, 3B